Elleebana Protector Eye Guard

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Elleebana Protector Eye Guard provides that EXTRA needed protection for your clients, to avoid the mishaps of unsightly excess tint when doing lash tinting. You can also use it when applying mascara.

It is recommended that the Elleebana Protector Eye Guard isΒ used in conjunction with the Elleeplex Paper Eye Shields to give the ultimate protection for your client’s delicate skin.


1. Apply Ellee-Shield under the eye and on the smooth underside of the paper eye shield.

2. When applying Elleeplex Tint, simply place the Elleebana Protective Eye Guard on the top of paper eye shield and under the lashes until the tint application process is completed.

3. Cleaning your Elleebana Eye Guard
πŸ’˜ Wipe tint from eye guard with tissue
πŸ’˜ Dampen a cotton pad with Elleebana
πŸ’˜ Makeup Remover to remove remaining tint
πŸ’˜ Use hospital grade disinfectant to sterilise.

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