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Nothing beats the look of an amazingly well-done Lash Lift.

When done right, it makes your eyes pop, look bigger, wider and absolutely gorgeous. Like other treatments though, if you do not look after your lash lift, you are going to run into problems around the 4.5 – 5 week mark. Let us give you some tips to keeping that Lash Lift looking amazing, going strong and most importantly, keeping those natural eyelash hairs healthy.

If/when you bleach your hair, a (good) hairdresser always, always, always recommends that you purchase the correct aftercare to keep your brand new hair style looking amazing and fantastic. And, we hope, you listen to this advice.

A lash lift is identical. You need to nurture your eyelashes, you need to keep them healthy and you of course, you want them looking amazing! As you know, an Elleebana lash lift can last between 8 – 12 weeks before needing to have it done again.

The better you look after your lash lift, the longer it will last.

We have personally turned some clients away, even at the 12 week mark, purely because their eyelashes still had some of the lift present and we did not want to over process those lashes, still lifted.

So what is the right Elleebana aftercare when using  Elleebana products for a lash lift? It is stupidly simple. It is as easy as putting on mascara in the morning.

Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen is a MUST!

Before we divulge all of our secrets, we do have to stress the importance of using the Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen during your treatment. It is extremely important that with every treatment done on your lashes, that the Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen is used. The reason for this that during the process of a lash lift and due to the chemical processes taking place on your eyelashes, some of the good nutrients from your naturals lashes are removed and then replaced. The purpose of the Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen, is to replace all of those nutrients and add even more of those nutrients to keep the natural lashes healthy and safe.

Elleebana Aftercare for Lash Lifts - Proudly brought to you by Lash Mob. Elleebana Distributors for Darwin and Australia

In our salon, we use the Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen on all of our lash lifts, as well as all of our eyelash tinting treatments.

Now, back to how to care for and maintain that amazing beautiful lash lift and how simple it really is.

Generally speaking, at around the 4.5 to 5 week mark, your lashes may look criss-crossed or frizzled and just looking a little worse for wear. This is nothing more than a lack of nutrients and hydration in your natural lashes. Of course though, you do not want this look to happen at all! The fix is easy!

Elleeplex by Elleebana Aftercare Serum for every Client

Every person that has a lash lift done, just like bleaching your hair, must, must, must walk out with the right Elleebana aftercare to stop this happening. The answer is, you must be using Elleeplex by Elleebana! This is not an option or a maybe purchase. This is a must for your aftercare. No arguing!

Elleebana Aftercare for Lash Lifts - Proudly brought to you by Lash Mob. Elleebana Distributors for Darwin and Australia

The Elleeplex by Elleebana is designed to nourish, nurture, and keep your natural eyelashes happy and healthy. The way we explain it to our clients, is that it is the take home version of the Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen. It is a clear serum that you apply on your lashes, DAILY, to make sure that they stay healthy and hydrated. This stuff really works!

Ideally, you use this twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening for optimal eyelash health however, if you are not that committed, you MUST, at a minimum use it first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This is when your body will love it the most.

Elleebana Aftercare for Lash Lifts - Proudly brought to you by Lash Mob. Elleebana Distributors for Darwin and Australia

Again, this stuff is absolutely amazing and is one of those products that you cannot go without! It is a must!

Elleebana Aftercare for the diehard Mascara Wearers – Elleevate by Elleebana

The third thing we recommend to maintain optimal eyelash health and the perfect Elleebana aftercare product for everyone after a lash lift and it works in conjunction with the Elleeplex by Elleebana, and that is the Elleevate by Elleebana.

Elleebana Aftercare for Lash Lifts - Proudly brought to you by Lash Mob. Elleebana Distributors for Darwin and Australia

Elleevate by Elleebana is a little different to the Elleeplex. It is a mascara. It is designed to be a mascara, however it does still contain the same ingredients as the Elleeplex by Elleebana, but again, it is designed to be a mascara. Elleevate by Elleebana is for the diehard mascara wearers, and it is absolutely brilliant.

The biggest thing about the Elleevate by Elleebana is that it is not waterproof, but water resistant, which means that it is not damaging to your natural eyelashes like waterproof mascaras are. Elleevate by Elleebana can be worn daily, in the office, at the gym, in the swimming pool and you will not end up with those amazing looking panda eyes that everyone hates. And the best thing, it wipes off easily with simple make-up wipes and does not cause any damage to your natural lashes. In fact, makes them healthier.

Again, Elleevate and Elleeplex by Elleebana can be and recommended to be used in conjunction with each other. You simply put the Elleeplex by Elleebana on first, wait for it to dry and then put your Elleevate by Elleebana on over the top. It cannot be easier.

Return, Return, Return

Time has come for our last recommendation.

From our experience and the years that we have been using Elleebana Lash Lifts, we recommend that 4 – 5 weeks after you have had your lash lift done, you get another tint done and use the Elleebana Re-Gen Next Gen with the tint.

The purpose of this is, as a beauty therapist, you can check the health of the natural lashes and make sure that your client is being well looked after and as a client, it is pumping even more nutrients into your natural lashes and will make your lashes look they have been lifted again!

Caring for your eyelashes is crucial. If you do not look after them, you will damage them. If you damage them too many times, it damages the hair follicle. If you damage the hair follicle, there is a very very very high chance that your natural lash will not regrow and you will start to develop bald patches in your eyelash line.

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