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Darwin's Authorized Elleebana Distributor

Your local Elleebana Distributors


We are Dee and Steve Moore, the owners of Moore Beautiful and owners and business coaches and mentors of BOSS. – Bring On Salon Success 


During our years owning and operating Moore Beautiful, we would frequently come across the problems🙄, that most in the Northern Territory will understand, products taking forever and a day to get to here and constantly having to reach out☎️ to other Salon Owners, when our orders hadn’t arrived or had been delayed or staff forgetting to tell us that we were running low on stock.

This frustrated🤬 us to no end!


Which is why we wanted to create BOSS – Lash Mob. We wanted to take away the frustrations and anxiety😨 that comes with ordering Elleebana Products online and hoping that they got here on time.


BOSS – Lash Mob is the exclusive Elleebana Distributors for Darwin and surrounding areas and currently stocking the Elleebana Lash Lift range at this point, however we are looking to expand our Elleebana range and bring in the Belmacil product range as well and in the very near future, bring in face to face Elleebana Course Training.


With everything we do, we want to bring a teeny tiny slice of the south into Darwin to make life easier and more accessible for other salon owners and the general public.


We are not out to sneak around on other businesses or steal clients or whatever other stupid imaginary ideas that people are coming up with. 🤦‍♂️. We are purely and simply trying to make running and operating a salon business in Darwin and surrounding areas, easier, more accessible and with less anxiety.


Our website is laid out so that you are required to register✏️ prior to being able to see prices. This is purely so that we only deal directly with other salons, as we only distribute to ABN holding salon owners.


Another thing about our pricing as well….we have NOT added the Darwin Tax💰 or added extra 💲 for the cost of shipping for us to stock the products. The prices we are advertising are the prices that you would purchase the same products anywhere else in Australia.


🚚We also offer FREE same day local delivery🚚.


So come on Darwin, we would ❤️ your support and for you to get behind another local business.

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